Wok Ring Stand (5917)

Wok Ring Stand

  •  Innovative design with non-sharp edge on both end
  •  Keep your wok steady over the heat of your cooking source
  •  Sturdily constructed and with large breathing holes evenly spaced around   the ring to allow heat and air to pass freely

This wok ring is designed to sit comfortably on most hobs and is essential to give stability when cooking with round bottom woks

*keep in mind that a wok ring should typically be 4" smaller than the desired wok diameter


    Brand: Chef Set

    Our Ref : 5917

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Thickness: N/A

    Commodity Code : 7323930090

    Country of Origin : China

    Dimension & Capacity

    • Top Ø : 200 mm 
    • Bottom Ø : 250 mm
    • Height : 35 mm

    Pack Size : 12