36cm Carbon Steel Wok (5915)

36cm Carbon Steel Wok

  • Authentic quality Carbon Steel Woks 
  •  Riveted wood handle to ensure a very rigid connection for long lasting use
  •  Sturdy grip for easy and comfortable food tossing and serving
Carbon steel is the material traditionally used for making woks because it can withstand very high temperatures and diffuses heat quickly and evenly. Perfect for stir-frying the ingredients at high temperatures while preserving the flavour, colour and texture, and retaining the crispness of the vegetables.




        Brand: Chef Set

        Our Ref : 5915

        Material: Carbon Steel

        Thickness: 1.1 mm

        Commodity Code : 8215991000

        Country of Origin : China

        Dimension & Capacity

        • Length : 565 mm (with handle)
        • Width : 360 mm
        • Height : 130 mm
        • Weight : 1134 g

        Pack Size : 6