32cm Aluminium Medium Duty Double Boiler (7232)

32cm Aluminium Medium Duty Double Boiler

  •  Brushed satin finished
  •  3-4 mm ground base Medium duty pot
  •  Reinforced rim for maximum strength and durability
  •  Heavy duty steel side & lid loop
  •  Riveted for optimum strength and safety
  •  Lids included
  •  Excellent heat conductivity on both exterior and interior of the pot

Double boilers are two pots that use steam as a heat source to melt or cook food. They are made up of two pieces, a large pot that is filled with hot or boiling water and a smaller pot that fits inside and uses the steam from the hot water to heat your food.

Because the heat comes from an indirect source, double boiler is a perfect kitchen tool used for applying gentle heat on the stovetop, for delicate tasks like making hollandaise sauce, melting chocolate, or preparing custards such as creme anglaise.



Brand: Chef Set  

Our Ref : 7232

Material: 99.99% Aluminium

Thickness: 3-4 mm

Commodity Code : 7615108090

Country of Origin : India

Dimension & Capacity

  • Length : 440 mm (with handles)
  • Width : 320 mm (Ø)
  • Height : 240 mm
  • Capacity : 13.6 Litre
  • Weight : 1642 g

Pack Size : 1