20cm FryPan Teflon Profile Coated Non Stick (4851)

DISCONTINUED - Replaced by 4860. Please click below link:

20cm Fry Pan Teflon Profile Coated Non Stick -INDUCTION- (4860) | Chef Set

20cm FryPan Teflon Profile Coated Non Stick 

  • The latest premium Teflon Profile nonstick coating 
  • PTFE and specialty high performance polymer 3 layer
  • Significantly improved abrasion resistance
  • Super non stick performance
  • Strong riveted handle for ultimate security
  • Maximum continuous in use temperature:260℃ on all surface
  • Allows the use of metal utensils
  • Sturdy and durable

Non Induction



Tests are performed at 200℃ to abuse the surface with the knife, fork, spatula and wire whisk tools. After a fixed amount of times, the surface is gauged against 1 to 10 scale where 10 represents a new and unused item.

TEFLON PROFILE NON-INDUCTION AND INDUCTION RANGES SCORED 9-10.                                           



Brand: Chef Set

Our Ref : 4851

Material: Aluminium 

Commodity Code : 7615108090

Country of Origin : Turkey

Dimension & Capacity

  • Length :  mm (with handle)
  • Width : 200 mm (Ø)
  • Height :  mm

Pack Size : 6